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Whether it’s for a blog or a website, you won’t be able to ignore SEO strategy, otherwise known as SEO strategy. As for knowing how to put it in place, it is necessary to take into account certain steps which are listed below.

  • Know how to identify your target
  • Define your objectives
  • The choice of keywords
  • Optimized articles
  •  Measure the results
  • Interpret the results

Know how to identify your target

Before you start writing content, it is first necessary to examine the target audience. Indeed, the content or style will necessarily be different depending on your audience. To know how to spot it, you just have to go through next steps.

 Define your objectives

Likewise, no SEO strategy without a goal! And here, the question to ask is: for what reason to make yourself known? To sell a product, a service, to retain customers, to raise awareness … This is a crucial step before determining the choice of keywords.

The choice of keywords

Here again, essential tools are necessary! Indeed, you cannot accidentally embark on an SEO strategy and it is imperative to take into account the volume of keywords, the competition or the most frequent questions asked by Internet users to Google.

Optimized articles

Just as keywords are important, so is the distribution of keywords in a text! Here, you will have to learn how to produce optimized content that responds to an SEO strategy. And if you do not have any expertise in the matter, do not hesitate to turn to us to discuss more your needs.

Measure the results

To measure the results, it will be necessary to be able to assess your positioning through various tools such as Google analytics or even Google Search Console. Once again, these are the tools that you will need to know how to master and for which you need to be trained.

 Interpret the results

Finally, you can complete and validate your SEO strategy by interpreting the results. For this, it will be necessary to take into account the number of visits over a given period, the percentage of revisits, the bounce rate as well as the origin of your traffic. You will understand, natural referencing is not as simple as it seems and yet, with the right tools, you are betting on a sustainable investment!

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