Auto Remote tags grabber

Version (1.0)

A.R.T grabber is an reboot webmaster which automatically retrieves articles from any web site that you like. Retrieving and posting articles to your web site is as handy as one click is need to make every this working robotically for you from pulling the right content, Seo, till the publish of your posts bypassing with many filters any make your content unique.



To add a link or a Rss feed, simply fill the Name, Url, Title, Article, Image boxes with related data. Then select the other options as preferred.

To edit a link setting, just update the current boxes.

To delete a link, simply click delete. It will delete the link and its setting excluding the articles in the wordpress database.

With the interval, each post will be delayed by seconds as you select.

Time is when you would like to execute retrieving articles.

When finished hit the save button below, that’s it!

Please note, if Url is NOT active, will now get or post articles.

Please read the “>FAQ of A.R.T grabber.

Pleasen leave your feedback or here.

Popular news web site which work fine with this plugin, exemple:


Thanks for purchasing A.R.T grabber.

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